Beibu Gulf Equity Exchange Group Co., Ltd.
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Beibu Gulf Integrated Factor Trading Platform

Service System
China-ASEAN Integrated Factor Transfer Services
It is a specialized trading platform that provides China-ASEAN enterprises with specialized factor transaction circulation services, and gathers upstream and downstream supporting services, such as information releasing, finance, product display and international procurement. It is an integrated service platform for interconnection between China and ASEAN countries in business and investment markets.
Transaction Services
Enterprise Equity And asset Trading
We mainly provide circulation services for business equity transfer, asset transfer and leasing, procurement of goods and services. We will also help the parties involved in the transaction to find out the key points and sort out problems in complex cases. With rich experience in strategic consulting and investment, we can provide ①information consulting ②transaction planning ③training counseling ④multiple rural finance ⑤other professional services for you.
Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation and Intellectual Property Transactions
Our service integrates all elements in the chain of "policy, transaction, finance and service" in scientific and technological achievements transformation and intellectual property transactions. It has the comprehensive ability in achievement display, releasing, communication,negotiation, promoting, and online & offline integrated service. It will help to solve the problems in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements by innovations in system, transaction, management and service,in order to realize the seamless connection between the achievement and the market.
Rural Property Rights Transaction
With full coverage of rural property rights transaction information system and standardized rural property rights transaction procedures, we offer venues, facilities, information release, and organize transactions for various types of property right transaction such as rural land contractual management right and rural collective-owned assets disposal, and perform property transaction authentication functions. We will also provide information consulting, transaction planning, training counseling, multiple rural finance and other related services.
Forest Rights Transactions and Products Display
We use the Internet as a method, and new technologies such as Internet of things, the Internet, big data and mobile Internet to promote the transformation and upgrading of forestry enterprises, to create an industrial ecosystem that integrates online and offline development. It provides services such as forest trees ownership,forest land right of use and lease hold transaction;forestry scientific and technological achievements (projects)exhibition and trade; bulk forest products trade and display; forestry expert technical services; ecotourism industry; investment invitation of forest cultural scenic spot construction; case planning and supporting implementation of "forest + tourism" project, and other services.
Financial Assets Trading
We mainly provide services of financial enterprise equity transaction, asset transaction, financial enterprise non-performing assets transaction, guarantee assets transaction, small loan company debt right transaction, receivable income right transaction, bills income right transaction, leasing asset income right transaction, directional debt financing and related asset securitization products,financial innovation product design and development.
Construction Machinery and Equipment Transactions
We have set up an e-commerce online trading platform for machinery and equipment companies, gathering massive supply and demand information for machinery, providing construction machinery transfer, supply and demand information releasing, products’ introduction, news information and other services.
Commodity Trading
We use the Internet platform to reflect the needs of the market, and provide plenty of information on bulk commodities trade such as agriculture, mining and forestry, online inquiry and interaction services, as well as information and intelligence on product commerce.
Value-added Services
Big Data and Analysis
We will consolidate full factors industry chain data and big data,to establish a property rights index, which can provide real-time information on trading conditions and trends, and provide complete industrial information on business sector investments, asset transactions, risk control, supervision and management, and corporate operations.It will help enterprises to discover the value in data, and capture the key predictive metrics.
We have unique business practical experiences,together with our joint partners,to provide full range of professional services in planning, auditing, accounting consulting, tax, regulation, compliance, risk management, outsourcing, securitization, payment systems, information risk and security, data quality, mergers and acquisition, etc.
Third Party Transaction Trust
We assist companies in forecasting and adapting changes in the regulatory environment of mergers and acquisitions and asset transactions, developing better solutions and controls to deal with various regulatory risks. In the meantime, we will tailor various types of trading risk control programs, asset transfer and fund trusteeship services to meet the different needs of companies.
Other Services
Investment Invitation for Infrastructure Construction and Industrial Park
According to the actual conditions of investment projects, we scientifically formulate plans for inviting investment, and establish specialized investment teams to assist projects in inviting investment from different perspectives, forms and levels.
Project Roadshow and Promotion
Diversified ways of promotion for investors by live roadshow, online video and communication online can achieve a all-time & long- term demonstration for projects. In view of this , we can provide constant services for project providers and investors to promote their communication.
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